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Reggie Bush: Superstar on Offense - John O'day

When Reggie Bush got to the pros he was very excited and that he gets to have the great experience that others would kill for and he was very blessed and thankful to god that his career has gone as far that it has.His first season in the NFL he got injured and the team did good but didn't make it to that super bowel because Reggie got injured right before the playoffs started.His Sophomore year in the NFL the same injury happen again with his leg. Reggie was mentally tired for his first two seasons in the pros and his personal life was not any better he broke up with TV super star Kim Kardashian because they both have very strict and busy schedules.A few years later Bush has really grown as a football player his I.Q for the game has developed tremendously and so has his physical work. SUPER BOWEL XLIV Feb 7, 2010 is when THE SAINTS WON THE SUPER BOWEL.It was a big party in New Orleans. Bush said to the people and the city of New Orleans that "he was blessed to play in Championship games in High School, College, and Pros and to win all of them is truly in blessing and i wouldn't want to win my 1st championship with no other team except the New Orleans Saints GO SAINTS"